ACU provides you with the opportunity to train your team members, Human Resource Assistants, Administrative Assistants, etc. in the basics of Human Resources. Completion of the core program, indicated with asterisks, will enable your team member to handle, in a proactive and professional manner, the majority of Human Resource issues, questions and challenges that they may receive on a daily basis. In addition, your team member upon completion of the course, will be able to contact me for a one-year period with questions on basic Human Resource issues at no additional expense. Courses will be taught by me Ross P. Alander (see resume and biography) via e-mail, assignments, phone conversations and faxes. ACU classes can be taken either as the core Human Resource/Organizational Development Assistant Program (16 hours) or via individual courses (1 to 1 ½ hours for each course). We can also conduct the training at your work place, your call. Once the course(s) has/have been completed, your organization will be invoiced. The curriculum and cost are:

EMPLOYMENT LAWS - $ 1,000.00 for all classes in this section as a group or @ $150.00 for an individual class.

Fair Labor Standards Act*
Equal Pay Act
Family Medical Leave Act*
Americans with Disabilities/Reasonable Accommodation*
Rehabilitation Act
Civil Rights/Discrimination Laws*
Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment*
Immigration Laws

STAFFING $150.00 per class

Workforce Planning
Recruitment *
Interviewing *
Selection *
Orientation *

COMPENSATION and EVALUATION $150.00 per class

Developing Job Descriptions *
Wage and Salary Surveys *
Development and Managing Compensation Plans
Pay for Performance
Incentive and Merit Pay
Evaluation Plans and Performance Management*

THE WORKPLACE $150.00 per class

Retaining Team Members *
Staff Training and Development
Team Member Rights *
Win-Win Problem Resolution *
Increasing Productivity
Workplace Teams
Developing a Continuous Improvement Culture
Working Proactively with Unions
Becoming and Employer of Choice *

The cost of the Human Resource/Organizational Development Assistant Program is $2,000.00
(Includes the one year question/ follow up option)

Contact Ross P. Alander at 813.765.0978 or via e-mail at for additional information.

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